What is hickory03travelers?@@japanese@

1.Our group and shop:
ghickory03travelersh is a T-shirts creator group in Niigata, and it is also the name of our shop where we sell T-shirts that we design and screen-print.
2.Our members:
hickory03travelersf members are Kazunari Sako, Mitsuru Endo, and Mayuko Hashimoto.
3.Our concept:
Our belief is that we can be inspired by small things that we are surrounded by in our everyday life, and we enjoy our life by creating stuff that can inspire other people. So we always look for something cool and interesting around us and make them artworks.
Based on our concept, we do a lot of things such as:
1. Production and sales of originally designed T-shirts,
2. Graphic design and illustration,
3. Publication of community paper,
4. Art exhibition,
5. Participation of community festivals and events.

4.Our work:
As well as we sell T-shirts we make, we also design your T-shirts! Because we think communication with our customers is the most important thing, through communication with our customers, we offer a variety of cool and interesting designs to meet your needs. If you canft find your size at our shop, we take your order. Moreover, we make your original T-shirts with the design you bring to us. So, if you have something you want to create with our help, CONTACT US!


sako kazunari

endo mitsuru

ejiri haruka

rikiishi terutou

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